State of the Artist

halluciphile is overjoyed to be invited to participate in Morrow Collective's 2024 exhibition at Art Dubai entitled {R(Evolutionaries)}.

Check out the virtual version of the gallery in Voxels

Morrow Collective has partnered with Sotheby's to offer 21 lots to celebrate this decade in review. Yours truly is offering two different commemorative lots: one is a reissue of 14 punycodes, and the other is a one-of-a-kind bside version of the original m/eow. Please bid and or share the links.

m/eow has also being reissued on CounterParty as a commemorative token, HALLUCIPHILE.0x6D2F656F77. This high issuance copy of the original will be made available this week as well. This space will be updated with more information

punycodes & cryptoskulls

halluciphile graciously accepted the invitation to create a commemorative token for the PunyFactory project in December 2022. This project combines two historically significant projects together to make a new mashup work.