State of the Artist

halluciphile is not capitalized because the identity stems from purposefully misusing mediums to create art in nontraditional ways. While the artist draws from professional experience and background, he had to learn the rules to know which ones to break. As a Disc Jockey or Mash-up artist he threw out conventions such as sticking to one genre per mix, or beat matching the exact same bpm. As a digital artist he was early to adapt actual glitch techniques into his artwork before the aesthetic could be manufactured from a plethora of apps.

"When I listen to you make music, I have to either pay 100% attention or completely ignore it, there is no inbetween." -audence member and friend

Ranging many media formats, his artistic expressions started with traditional art media and became more digital in his adulthood. Since y2k he has been producing experiments as creative output to satisfy his addiction to novelty. He has recently been recognized as a Punycode artist from 2014/15, with 900+ registrations before NFT was defined in the ethereum whitepaper. At the time he also created a mixtape entry on Namecoin. m/eow has been revived and a webpage for replicating the experience is almost complete. The re-release will be made into a commemorative token and a b-side will be made available as well.

Over the years of constant production, halluciphile has neglected the duties of a carer cryptoartist in that he has failed to create a comprehensive portfolio displaying and chronicling his output. This site has been created recently to showcase the wide variety of works created and recorded. Hopefully by the new year, there will be much to behold. In the meantime, we are happy to be able to release the following:

punycodes & cryptoskulls

halluciphile graciously accepted the invitation to create a commemorative token for the PunyFactory project. This project combines two historically significant projects together to make a new mashup work.

  1. Those who tuned into Twitter Spaces on Dec 14, got first row seat for the drop info.
  2. During the show, 8 pieces were listed for 0.125Ξ each on
  3. Less than half a day later, and the first batch was sold out!
  4. Another batch of 4 will be released on the 21st for 0.25Ξ